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Aggieville Construction Schedule

Stay up-to-date on the construction going on in Aggieville

All sidewalks, roads, and parking stalls are now open!

We are wrapping up the Little Moro Alley Project and will be demobilizing from Aggieville in the near future! Below is a recap of what is still remaining on the Little Moro Alley:

  • Heartstone only has the limestone inlays remaining. They will be back as soon as the material arrives.
    • Limestone Inlays are scheduled for fabrication in December of 2023 and delivery in early 2024, more updates will be available as we approach the date
  • Upcoming Items:
    • Relocation of dumpsters and nearby companies beginning to use the new trash enclosure. We have to wait on City Approval before letting companies utilize the trash enclosure. Coordination efforts will be happening on this very soon.
Little Moro Phasing Plan
Little Moro Phasing Plan2
Little Moro Phasing Plan3

Contact Us

For questions about construction, the schedule or shutdowns, please contact:

COLEMAN HENRY  |  Superintendent  |  (785) 307-8550

ZACH MITCHELL  |  Project Manager  |  (785) 210-9890

  • Project Start Date

    July 10, 2023


  • Project Information

    • Transformer relocation in alleyway
    • New underground storm and sanitary lines
    • New concrete and paver sidewalks with Kansas State theme inlays
    • New alleyway lighting 
    • New trash enclosure
    • New site Amenities

Project Priorities

  • Business and pedestrian safety
  • Maintain access to all businesses for employees and customers

  • Maintain pedestrian routes to assist with manageable transit times around construction phases